Sunday, October 16, 2011

Big Booty Sky Jolie

Skyy Jolie 001 Big Booty Sky Jolie

I’ve got the best luck on this side of the planet, I tell ya because every time I get worked up and horny to fuck some hot ebony slut with a nice booty – one appears in front of me!

Skyy Jolie 002 Big Booty Sky Jolie

This time it was big booty Sky Jolie who is the teacher for one of my college classes. When she told us that she would be taking over the class, I came up with a million excuses to visit her class room. I cannot resist a horny black mother ever!

Skyy Jolie 003 Big Booty Sky Jolie

Finally got her in a sexy mood and damn – it sure was worth it! Sky can give head and fuck with the best of ‘em, and she’s fucking hot too.

Skyy Jolie 004 Big Booty Sky Jolie

Told you – I have the best fucking luck! Just keep watching her fine ass in action at big butt black teachers from the masters of milfs with big bootys the guys at Filth Freaks!

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